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Wedding Anniversary Gemstone List – Years 11 through 20

Happy anniversary! These are sweet words for couples who have committed to spending their lives together. Such special occasions warrant gifts that reflect the depth of that commitment – a wedding anniversary gemstone fits the bill perfectly.

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How to Select a Round Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a round diamond, the round brilliant cut is one of the most popular styles for engagement rings. It’s flattering on the finger, it captivates with its sparkle, and it’s a contemporary classic. Learn how to pick one.

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How the Tennis Bracelet Got Its Name

Tennis season is upon us. Wimbledon is finishing up and the women’s U.S. Open is set to get underway. So it’s a perfect time to look at the tennis bracelet – a great piece of jewelry that comes with a great story.

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July Birthstone: Where Do Rubies Come From?

The world loves rubies! These beautiful gems can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone and they routinely break auction records. So, let’s find out where the July birthstone comes from!

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Pearl Quality 101 – How GIA Examines and Classifies Pearls

If pearls are your gemstone of choice, you’ll want to learn more about GIA’s 7 Pearl Value Factors – the criteria GIA uses to classify and describe pearl quality.  Read on to learn about how pearl quality is determined and what you can do to find out how your pearls measure up.

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