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Auction Report: Gemstones of Fall 2014

Gemstones of all colors made an impressive showing at fall auctions. Two Art Deco bracelets, one Cartier famed Tutti frutti style and one Egyptian revival style, are included in the colorful snapshot below. Take some time to browse the variety of jewelry featuring rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, and let this gem parade brighten your day by sparking your gemstone jewelry imagination.


Zodiac-inspired Jewelry: Aries

Those born under the astrological sign of Aries (March 21 -  April 19) are thought to be independent, enthusiastic, and courageous – and such a group would naturally want jewelry that is just as unique.


Auction Report: Fancy Colored Diamonds Fall 2014

It was a successful turnout at the fall 2014 auctions, with an especially beautiful appearance by colored diamonds, which are graded on a different color scale than colorless diamonds. Have a look at these fabulous Fancy color diamonds and be ready to be swept off of your feet.


How to Select a Princess Cut Diamond

If you’re searching for a diamond that has a lot of brightness and is somewhat less conventional than the standard round brilliant, the princess cut might be perfect for you.


Auction Report: Diamond Jewelry of Fall 2014

Diamonds are arguably the most sought after gemstones on Earth. There is something intrinsically captivating about a diamond – its impression of icy coolness coupled with the heat of fiery flashes of color. Which is why it comes as no surprise that  diamonds continue to draw crowds at seasonal auctions across the globe.

Today, we feature a few of the exceptionally breathtaking pieces sold at the 2014 Fall Auctions.

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