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Decoding Color: The GIA Colored Diamond Color Grading System

When does yellow become orange, and orange become red? The question may sound a bit philosophical until you tie it to colored diamonds, where slight variations in color can mean huge differences in price.


Diamond Anatomy, Explained

When you’re shopping for a diamond, its brightness and sparkle will draw you to the jewelry counter, and keep you captivated long after you’ve made your diamond purchase. Achieving maximum brightness and sparkle requires excellent cutting technique, which is reflected in the diamond’s cut grade. Of the 4Cs, no other ‘C’ has more impact on a diamond’s appearance.


Famous Diamonds: Napoleon Diamond Necklace

This stunning famous diamond necklace, set with approximately 263 carats of old-mine-cut diamonds, was a gift from Napoléon Bonaparte to his second wife, Empress Marie-Louise of the Austrian House of Habsburg, Empress of France. Following her death, the necklace remained in the family for generations.


Diamonds in the Rough

Once destined for industrial use, low-quality rough diamonds were thought to have too many impurities or inclusions to be used in high-end rings, bracelets, and necklaces.  But today, these diamonds are making their way into luxury jewelry. So why the sudden interest?


Diamond Buying Guide

Composed of a single element—carbon –and formed under extreme temperature and pressure, diamond’ remains one of the world’s most coveted gems – and the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in April.

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