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Celebrate Flower Power with a Gemstone Flower Ring

Flower jewelry has the power to inspire rebirth and renewal anytime of year. Its charming characteristics perfectly match the tastes of the glamorous and fashion-forward.

Whether at a gala or just for the everyday, wearing flower rings is a way to channel spring’s vibrancy and add color to your wardrobe.


Famous Birthstones: Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Follow the the yellow brick road to the 1939 film classic, The Wizard of Oz. Movie memorabilia like the sparkling “ruby” slippers worn by the film’s heroine Dorothy, have captured hearts for decades. The iconic red shoes, magical heel click, and the renowned words, “There’s no place like home” spark a memory in virtually everyone who’s seen the movie. The slippers in the film were made from iridescent red sequins. Lucky for gem lovers, the ruby slippers became a reality in 1989 when Harry Winston created this beautiful pair featuring the July birthstone, ruby.


How to Pick the Right White Metal for Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

It’s time to pick the metal for your engagement or wedding ring, and you’ve settled on a white metal band. But you’re not sure which white metal is the best choice for you. We’re about to make the decision easier for you by looking at four choices for white metals: silver, white gold, palladium, and platinum.


Dreams of Diamonds Exhibit Comes to GIA in Carlsbad

If you were lucky enough to visit GIA between April 29 and May 11, 2015, you were in for a rare treat. The sparkling “Dreams of Diamonds” exhibit included 25 pieces of spectacular jewelry comprising over 4,000 carats of diamonds.


Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry: Cancer

If you’re a Cancer celebrating your birthday between June 21-July 22, you’ve got a great story that comes with your zodiac sign – along with some equally spectacular jewelry.

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