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How to Sell Your Gemstones and Jewelry

Are you looking to sell a gemstone or a piece of jewelry? Then you’re in luck, because GIA has created an informative guide with all the facts and tips that you need.


Secret Messages in Jewelry – The Lover’s Eye

Jewelry always sends a message about the wearer, but sometimes the message is meant to be a secret one. Such is the case of the Lover’s Eye – the name for a miniature portrait of a single eye often painted on ivory.


Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry: Gemini

The constellation Gemini, the twins, is one of the easiest to see in the night sky, and its celestial charms have inspired designers to make jewelry that celebrate it.


Five Tips to Organize Your Jewelry

Fill in the blank: “I can’t leave home without _______________.” If that blank is jewelry related, we’re on the same page. When you forget to put on your favorite everyday necklace or ring, you feel as though you’re missing something all day. That is how much of an impact precious and significant jewelry pieces have on us.


The Sunken Treasure of the Atocha

It’s a pleasant September morning in the year 1622 and a majestic Spanish galleon sits in the port of Havana, along with 27 other ships of the combined fleet, their crews awaiting orders.

The Nuestra Señora de Atocha sits low in the water, weighed down by 964 silver bars, 161 gold bars or disks, 255,000 silver coins, and uncounted chests filled with undeclared (and untaxed) emeralds. Smugglers be warned: punishment is 200 lashes and ten years spent in chains, rowing a galleon.

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