Is it a Color (Fancy Color Diamond) or Colorless Diamond?

Often when picturing a diamond, we envision the classic colorless gem depicted in films, showcased in engagement rings, or displayed with other popular jewelry in glass cases. A colorless diamond is the clear, classic diamond we envision. Many “colorless” diamonds possess very subtle hints of yellow or brown, colors that can affect the value of the stone.  But diamonds come in colors that extend beyond the D-to-Z color scale. And when the color of the stone is strong enough, the diamond becomes known as a “fancy-color diamond.”

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How Diamonds Shape Up

When it comes to diamonds, most consumers tend to use the words “cut” and “shape” interchangeably.  But for diamond professionals, there is a big difference.  Diamond Shape refers to the outline of the stone (pear, oval, round, etc.).  Diamond cut refers to a stone’s facet arrangement.  So a shape can be faceted in a variety of ways, or cutting styles.

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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Sparkles with Many Types of Gems

Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne 60 years ago this month. When she was coronated a year later, she wore the ultimate symbol of royal authority – the Imperial State Crown.

This is the quintessential crown. Set with 2868 diamonds in silver mounts, it has an open work gold frame and is fitted inside with a purple velvet cap and ermine fur headband. The jewels mounted on the frame are breathtaking.

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Tips for Purchasing Estate Jewelry

If your pulse quickens at the site of an antique Victorian-era cameo, if an Art Nouveau pastel enamel and pearl pendant piques your nostalgic interest, or if a retro 14-karat gold bracelet seems irresistible, then you’re part of the increasing number of those buying estate jewelry. From the bold geometric shapes of Art Deco to the lacy romanticism of the Edwardian style, estate jewelry offers a wide array of choices for the discerning collector.

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GIA on CBS Discusses a Rare Blue Diamond

Diamonds can be a symbol of wealth and power. While those purchased and worn by most consumers are more modest, many are sent to GIA to be graded on the 4Cs of diamond quality; Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Including a stunning 120ct blue diamond that was recently cut to improve the beauty and value of the stone.

Learn how GIA was involved with this remarkable diamond.

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