How to Submit a Diamond for GIA Grading

Perhaps a special piece of diamond jewelry has been passed down to you. It may be a ring or a pendant set with a beautiful gem. Because this item did not come from a jeweler or gemologist, you really have no way of knowing anything about the diamond’s color, clarity, cut or carat weight – those factors that determine quality, and help you decide whether the diamond is  worth resetting or leaving it as it came.

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The Elegant Emerald Cut Diamond

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made headlines earlier this year when they finally announced their engagement. Soon thereafter, Jolie was spotted wearing an engagement ring that featured a large, Emerald cut diamond center stone. While an Emerald cut center stone is not the traditional look for an engagement ring, non-traditional engagement rings seem to be making news more frequently.

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Stunning Diamond Rings Recently Auctioned at Christie’s

On June 12, Christie’s New York Important Jewels Auction auctioned off some truly stunning diamond rings, with center stones all sized between 14- 39 carats.

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Why are the Finest Fancy-Color Diamonds found at Auction

Do you know why color diamonds always are the big winners at auction or how color diamonds get their high auction prices?

GIA’s Russell Shor recently reported that auction house executives and industry observers agree on a number of reasons why fancy-color diamonds can achieve such high prices, even during an economic hardship. Some reasons are the international reach of auction houses, the rarity of top gems, and the greater number of private buyers going to auction.

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How to Choose a Reputable Jeweler

When considering the purchase of a gem or piece of jewelry, it is important to find an educated jeweler with a trustworthy reputation. A professional jeweler will have the knowledge and training to help you make an informed purchase. A jeweler with a reliable reputation will strive to understand your preferences,  provide you with a variety of purchase options, and do so in an honest and straightforward way.

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