What is the difference between a Diamond Grading Report and an Appraisal?

Purchasing a diamond ring can be overwhelming. After you get through the education process of learning the diamond 4Cs there is still one more piece of the puzzle: understanding the difference between a grading report and an appraisal.


The Asscher Cut: A Cut of Royalty and Reinvention

Some diamond cut’s never go out of style, especially when they boast a royal heritage and have been redesigned and reinvented. Such is the case with the popular Asscher cut.


Introduction to Diamond Clarity: Understanding a Diamond Clarity Grade

Few things in nature are absolutely perfect. This is also true with diamonds. As touched on in the first part of the clarity series, diamonds have internal features called inclusions and surface irregularities called blemishes.  Together, inclusions and blemishes make up a diamond’s clarity characteristic.


Majestic Pink Diamond on Sale

On August 8th, a gorgeous, 12.27-carat modified-rectangle brilliant-cut Majestic Pink Diamond went on sale. The Cartier platinum setting has baguette diamonds along the band and an 18K rose gold mounting. The price was set at $7.85 million.


Introduction to Diamond Clarity: What are Inclusions and Blemishes

Diamond clarity is one of the four quality factors (the 4Cs) that describe and determine the value of a diamond. By definition, clarity means “a gemstone’s relative freedom from inclusions and blemishes.” These two terms are locational- blemishes are found on the outside of the gem and inclusions are located on the inside. Both of these clarity characteristics can dim the brilliance of a diamond, though some are so minute that they are invisible to the naked eye.

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