All About Birthstones: Tanzanite in December

Tanzanite, the December alternate to turquoise and zircon, was not discovered until 1967, so it is a relative newcomer to the list of birthstones. It is named for the one country on earth where it is currently found: Tanzania, in eastern Africa.  Although discovered by others, Tiffany & Co. deserves the credit for naming the gem and popularizing it beginning with a big publicity campaign in 1968.


Archduke Joseph Diamond Sells for $21.5 Million

On November 13th, Christie’s Geneva auctioned one of the world’s most important diamonds, the Archduke Joseph, for $21.5 million. The 76.02 ct, D-color Internally Flawless cushion cut went for more than $280,000 per carat, a new record for colorless diamond.


Diamond Cut: It’s More Than Shape

One of the hardest of the 4Cs to understand may be a diamond’s cut. A well-cut diamond displays the unique sparkle we associate with diamond.


Are Diamonds Really Perfect?

It has been said that few things in nature are absolutely perfect. The same holds true of diamonds. Part of what makes a diamond unique is what is commonly referred to as a diamond’s clarity characteristic.


All About Birthstones: Topaz for November

There are two November birthstones that command the attention of consumers and gem connoisseurs alike – topaz and citrine. In this post, we’ll discuss topaz, a gemstone that is widely cherished for its array of colors and distinctive look.

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