Engagement Ring Trends: An Overview

Some of the most popular engagement ring trends seen on celebrities and the public alike are rings with vintage details, pave diamond accents, and colored gemstones used as center stones.

Vintage-inspired rings (like the Platinum and Diamond Antique Engagement Ring design above) possess a unique and timeless appeal. Khloe Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Sienna Miller have all boasted modern vintage-design diamond engagement rings. Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is a perfect example of the popular vintage-inspired style, with an antique rope detail on the band.

Scott Kay

Platinum and diamond halo Setting

Alongside vintage rings, pave diamond accents are adorning more and more left hands. Experts from Cartier and Harry Winston have reported a rise in this trend, with the simple-yet-dramatic addition of a “halo” surrounding the center stone. Natalie Portman’s engagement ring features this emerging style, but with two circles of pave diamonds around her diamond and even a pave diamond shank (or supporting band). Britney Spears’ current engagement ring also uses a band with pave diamonds. Cartier created a solitaire ring with pave motif, appropriately titled “d’Amour.”

Timeless Designs

Platinum and diamond ring adorned with sapphires

A movement towards colored gemstones, as well as fancy-color diamonds, is also on the rise, especially after Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton with Princess Diana’s 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring. Celebrities have also been seen saying “yes” to yellow diamonds (Carrie Underwood and Rebecca Romjin), emeralds (Halle Berry), and other less typical stones.

Celebrities and others are trending away from colorless diamond motifs that have been popular over the last decade and trying something new — some resurrecting ideas from the past, others adding a modern twist here, or vibrant splashes of color there. The overall consensus seems to be that the more individualistic the engagement ring is, the more likely it is to turn heads and make headlines.

*Photos courtesy of Platinum Guild International

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