Diamond Carat: A Measurement of Diamond Weight

When buying a diamond, understanding the measurement of how much it weighs is critical.


Diamond Cut: Crafting a Diamond’s Finish

A diamond’s cut and its shape are often confused, but we’re here to help! A diamond’s shape refers to its outline when viewed face up. A diamond’s cut refers to its facet arrangement.


Diamond Clarity: The absence of inclusions and blemishes

No diamonds are entirely without inclusions or blemishes, and these characteristics help gemologists accurately determine natural diamond clarity.


Diamond Color: The Absence of Color

Last week, we gave a broad overview of the 4Cs. Today, we discuss how to evaluate diamond color. Did you know most diamonds are not truly colorless and contain subtle hints of yellow or brown?


GIA Diamond Grading Scales: The Universal Measure of Quality

The prospect of purchasing a diamond may seem daunting, but through GIA, an unbiased authority on diamonds, you have several handy resources to help you select the highest quality diamond. First up, an overview of the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.

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