Got Game? Sports-themed jewelry for men

Since we’ve blogged about Super Bowl rings, we thought it was time to find jewelry and objets d’art that appeal to all sports fans, with these fun pieces of jewelry for men.

So lace up. Do some stretches. And get ready to see jewelry as well as objets d’art perfect for your sport of passion.


Jeweled Winged Wonders

Humans have long dreamed of flight and flying creatures. Artistic representations of the mythical griffin, a lion with eagles’ wings, date back to before 3000 BCE. Sprites and pixies have fluttered across centuries and cultures. Dragons are found in the folk tales in Asian countries like China and Japan as well as in Europe.  It’s no wonder that jewelry designers who, like all artists, find inspiration in what moves us most, are enthralled by the spirit of flight, and use it as a recurring motif in jewelry.


The Jewelry of Downton Abbey

Ever wonder how the characters in Downton Abbey end up wearing such authentic (and beautiful) period jewelry?

Accessorizing many of the actresses in seasons three and four was Andrew Prince, a designer with an encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry history. Prince created tiaras and jewelry for the 2005 British comedy, Mrs. Henderson Presents (starring Dame Judi Dench) and the 2009 film, The Young Victoria (starring Emily Blunt and Miranda Richardson). He was invited to the show by costume designer Caroline McCall.


The Genius of Convertible Jewelry during the Art Deco Era

Jewelry styles can be influenced by unusual events – and such was the case with convertible jewelry.  While multi-use jewelry long preceded the Art Deco period, it was the Great Depression and some artful engineering that elevated convertible jewelry to new heights.


The Art of Enameling: The Techniques

The technique of enameling, or fusing glass in some form onto a metal substrate, is something we encounter every day – found in sinks, stoves, cookware, building cladding, and many other applications.  When used on jewelry, enameling becomes a work of craftsmanship that transforms an object of adornment into something beautiful.


Jewelry Trend Predictions for 2015

The GIA Social Media Team correctly predicted a number of hot trends in 2014: geometric jewelry, Industrial Chic, long chains, ear cuffs, and more. We’ve asked the team to pull out their crystal balls again and do some trend spotting for 2015.

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