Beauty Revealed – Gemstones under the Microscope

Ready for a stunning surprise? Put a gemstone under a high-powered microscope, and you’ll see a world of breathtaking beauty.


Diamond Buying Guide

Composed of a single element—carbon –and formed under extreme temperature and pressure, diamond’ remains one of the world’s most coveted gems – and the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in April.


Jade Buying Guide

A gemstone that conjures up images of heaven and earth, life and death, yin and yang, jade remains hugely popular in China, and all across the world. But did you know that jadeite is available in lavender (but not in pink?)


Aquamarine Buying Guide

March’s aptly titled birthstone, aquamarine, grows in gorgeous crystals and sparkles like the ocean on a sun-kissed day. But do you know what to look for when shopping for aquamarine?


Ranking the Rings – How to Choose a Valentine’s Day Gift that Will Withstand the Test of Time

Judging by what celebrities wear on the red carpet, luxury cocktail rings continue to reign supreme. If you’re looking to bring some sparkle to your favorite Valentine, consider giving her (or him?) a ring with gems of grand proportions, one that’s a fashion statement and a work of art. But be warned: while these jumbo rings dazzle on the red carpet, only some may be suitable for everyday wear.


Amethyst Buying Guide

Known for its majestic purple color, amethyst is the gemstone of choice for those born in February.

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