Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry: Aquarius

The “Age of Aquarius” is upon us, and gemstone lovers born between January 20 and February 18 can surround themselves with beautiful pieces that capture the spirit of the sign.

Keeping in mind that our stargazing is all in the name of fun, we did some zodiac-inspired sleuthing. We found that Aquarians are thought to be witty, clever, altruistic, inventive, and original.


Famous Birthstones: Garnet – The Antique Pyrope Hairpin

Happy Birthday January! We begin our famous birthstone series with none other than January’s birthstone, garnet. While there are many different species and varieties of garnet that come in many colors, perhaps the most well-known is pyrope garnet. Usually deep red, this gem is featured in the antique pyrope hairpin, a stunning and historic example of pyrope’s beauty, and GIA’s famous birthstone for January babies.


GIA Holiday Shopping Guide: How to Choose A Birthstone for the Perfect Holiday Gift

Stunning, striking, and simply gorgeous, birthstone jewelry is a great holiday gift. Show your affection with a gift that merges individuality with style. A birthstone celebrates her personal story and represents a bit of who she is, so you may want to start the process by asking yourself what style suits her. Is she traditional or contemporary, classic or colorful? Does she prefer her metal silver spun or in a golden twist? Once you’ve got her design preferences down, don’t forget the qualities that make a birthstone valuable.


Turquoise Buying Guide

Found only in a few places on earth, turquoise is the second of December’s two official birthstones. Sought after for its robin’s egg blue and unique spiderweb-like patterns, it’s a perfect gem for unusual jewelry designs.


GIA Holiday Shopping Guide: How to Buy Pearls 101

Captivated by pearls? You’re certainly in good company. A favorite of legendary women including Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth, these beautiful spheres are the only precious gems made from a living creature – the mollusk.


Tanzanite Buying Guide

Notable for its majestic blue velvet and intense royal purples, the first of December’s birthstones is named after the only country it can be found: Tanzania. Exceptional tanzanite can display three distinct colors in three crystal directions.

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