Famous Birthstones: March’s Roosevelt’s Aquamarine

The hero of this month’s installment in GIA’s series on famous birthstones is the bluish-green aquamarine given to former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The rough weighed a staggering 1.3 kilograms that yielded two gems when cut. The largest, a rectangular step cut stone weighing 1,298 carats, has an interesting political history.


Winter Blue Gemstones

In the midst of the winter season, give a loving look at our favorite blue gemstones and jewelry. From a blue star sapphire to a vivid blue diamond, each of the featured blue gemstones below promises a cool blue hue to take you through the rest of the winter.


GIA Pink Gemstone Buying Guide

Dreamy and romantic, the month of February is dedicated to sharing your love. Show appreciation for the most important people in your life with a token of affection. This gift will serve as an everyday reminder of your feelings for that person. A pink gemstone is a beautiful choice to consider. As you search for the perfect Valentine’s jewelry gift, learn about different types of pink gems so that you will know which one is perfect for you.


How to Pick a Heart-Shaped Gemstone for your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is nearing, and it’s hard to resist that warm feeling associated with this holiday. When you envision the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is a heart shape. So why not turn up the romance with jewelry that features heart-shaped gemstones? Like all matters of the heart, making a wise decision in your purchase requires care and thought.


Famous Birthstones: Amethyst – the Duchess of Windsor’s Necklace

GIA presents February’s famous birthstone: amethyst as featured in the Duchess of Windsor’s bib necklace by Cartier. While the Duke and Duchess of Windsor commissioned many jewels, this stunning amethyst piece has both a love story and historic resonance behind it.


Famous Birthstones: Garnet – The Antique Pyrope Hairpin

Happy Birthday January! We begin our famous birthstone series with none other than January’s birthstone, garnet. While there are many different species and varieties of garnet that come in many colors, perhaps the most well-known is pyrope garnet. Usually deep red, this gem is featured in the antique pyrope hairpin, a stunning and historic example of pyrope’s beauty, and GIA’s famous birthstone for January babies.

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