Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry: Sagittarius

An archer, taking the form of a centaur, a half human, half horse mythological character, strides across the night sky taking aim with its bow and arrow. The noble vision is Sagittarius, the constellation associated with the ninth zodiac sign covering those born between November 22 to December 21 – a sign that’s inspired some magnificent jewelry.


Famous Birthstones: November’s American Golden Topaz

Are you celebrating a November birthday? Then you’re in luck, because the topaz birthstone has a rich, storied history. Over the centuries, it has been thought to provide strength, break magic spells, dispel anger, and even to assure long life and intelligence.


The Murky History of Poison Rings

Since the bewitching season is upon us, it’s a perfect time to do a postmortem on poison rings – those devious jewels whose secret compartments supposedly held deadly contents. A shroud of mystery and rumor surrounds them, so their reputation is fittingly a mash-up of fact and fiction.


Dark Metal: Making a Fashion Statement

The days are shorter. The air is chillier. We’ve put the lighthearted colors of summer behind us, and turn to the more somber colors of winter. This seasonal change is true of jewelry design as well as fashion. Dark metals, like black rhodium-plated gold or blackened gold, blackened silver, and blackened titanium are everywhere this season in jewelry pieces that are as beautiful as they are daring.


Secret Messages in Jewelry – Acrostic Jewelry

Want to send a secret message to your beloved using gemstones? Then you’ll need to know about acrostic jewelry.


Famous Birthstone: October’s Sun-god Opal

There are three main types of opal: white, black and fire. Some precious opals emit spectral colors from every angle, each one quickly flashing and glowing as bright as the next. This phenomenon is called play-of-color and has enchanted people throughout the ages.

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