How Technology is Changing Jewelry Design

Something remarkable happened to jewelry design and manufacturing in the past few years – it underwent a technological revolution powered by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) hardware, such as 3D printers.


Ten Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Packing for your dream vacation and wondering if you should bring your favorite pieces of jewelry? Wonder no more as we provide you with tips for traveling with jewelry.


Emerald Adventures in Afghanistan

Buried deep in the Himalayan foothills of Afghanistan lies a bountiful supply of rich, deep green emerald, and the promise of seeing these beautiful rough gems lured Andy Lucas, GIA manager of Field Gemology in Carlsbad, to this scenic but beleaguered land.

Lucas travels around the world gathering details of the mine to market story for GIA education courses and its scientific publication, Gems & Gemology. And this time, his destination was the remote emerald mines of Panjshir Valley.  The valley’s name means “five lions,” a tribute to five spiritual brothers who once lived there. When he arrived, he found a rugged land with spectacular vistas.


The Effect of Light on Color: Learning From the World of Art

What could impressionist painter Claude Monet and GIA colored diamond graders possibly have in common? For both the artist and the gemologist, the study of how light alters the appearance of an object was, and remains, an important part of their process.


Tips on Getting a Jewelry Appraisal

Does GIA provide appraisals? It’s a frequently asked question we often get from consumers trying to determine the value of a gemstone or piece of jewelry.


A New Look for the World’s Most Trusted Gem Credential

If you follow this blog, you know to look for GIA reports when making a diamond, pearl or colored gemstone purchase. The “blue” GIA report had been around for more years than we can count – that is, until January of this year, when GIA began issuing its trusted reports in a new look. By integrating new technologies and simplifying the format, the reports were redesigned to set a new standard for jewelry buyers in terms of ease of use and credibility.

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