Decoding Color: The GIA Colored Diamond Color Grading System

When does yellow become orange, and orange become red? The question may sound a bit philosophical until you tie it to colored diamonds, where slight variations in color can mean huge differences in price.


Diamond Anatomy, Explained

When you’re shopping for a diamond, its brightness and sparkle will draw you to the jewelry counter, and keep you captivated long after you’ve made your diamond purchase. Achieving maximum brightness and sparkle requires excellent cutting technique, which is reflected in the diamond’s cut grade. Of the 4Cs, no other ‘C’ has more impact on a diamond’s appearance.


Crazy for Colored Diamonds

Jewelry connoisseurs have gone crazy for colored diamonds. And their appetites were practically insatiable in 2013.


GIA Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Expanded Colored Diamond Grading System

Going once. Going twice. Going three times. Sold for $83.2 million.

That was the winning bid for the 59.6 carat Fancy Vivid Pink Dream in November 2013 – the most ever paid for a diamond. The amount was comparable to prices paid for paintings by some of the masters.


Understanding the 4Cs of Diamond Quality

GIA created the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight) as a universal method for establishing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. The 4Cs means two very important things: diamond quality can be communicated in a universal language, and diamond-buying consumers can know exactly what they are about to purchase.


Diamond Blemishes Defined

Last week, we talked about internal characteristics, or inclusions, and identified some of the most commonly seen ones. Today, we take a closer look at external characteristics, or blemishes, which are confined to the surface of a diamond.

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