Zodiac-inspired Jewelry: Aries

Those born under the astrological sign of Aries (March 21 -  April 19) are thought to be independent, enthusiastic, and courageous – and such a group would naturally want jewelry that is just as unique.


Zodiac-inspired Jewelry: Pisces

Are you meditative, selfless, creative, compassionate, and born between February 19 and March 20? Then you are a Pisces – and you’ll probably want jewelry that celebrates your lovely personality traits.


Serious Bling: Celebrity Engagement Rings

You’re an actor or about to propose to one. What kind of engagement ring are you going to get your stunning bride-to-be?

That was the pleasant problem recently facing George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Theroux, and Romain Dauriac, just to name a few. Their engagement ring choices garnered a lot of press, so lets take a closer look at what these men of means picked, and provide a bit of gemological commentary.


Got Game? Sports-themed jewelry for men

Since we’ve blogged about Super Bowl rings, we thought it was time to find jewelry and objets d’art that appeal to all sports fans, with these fun pieces of jewelry for men.

So lace up. Do some stretches. And get ready to see jewelry as well as objets d’art perfect for your sport of passion.


Zodiac-Inspired Jewelry: Aquarius

The “Age of Aquarius” is upon us, and gemstone lovers born between January 20 and February 18 can surround themselves with beautiful pieces that capture the spirit of the sign.

Keeping in mind that our stargazing is all in the name of fun, we did some zodiac-inspired sleuthing. We found that Aquarians are thought to be witty, clever, altruistic, inventive, and original.


Jeweled Winged Wonders

Humans have long dreamed of flight and flying creatures. Artistic representations of the mythical griffin, a lion with eagles’ wings, date back to before 3000 BCE. Sprites and pixies have fluttered across centuries and cultures. Dragons are found in the folk tales in Asian countries like China and Japan as well as in Europe.  It’s no wonder that jewelry designers who, like all artists, find inspiration in what moves us most, are enthralled by the spirit of flight, and use it as a recurring motif in jewelry.

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