GIA’s First-Hand Account of JCK Las Vegas 2014

If you love gems and jewelry, look no further than JCK Las Vegas.

JCK Las Vegas is the gem and jewelry industry’s largest trade-only event in the U.S  For four days, more than 2,500 exhibitors descend on Las Vegas, showing their wares to thousands of buyers looking for the next big thing. It’s where trends are born and the next hot designer finds an audience. What’s popular at this show is likely to appear in jewelry display cases come the next holiday gift-buying season. Here are some of GIA’s key takeaways from attending the event.


Lasting Ways to Honor the Graduate with Jewelry

Graduation is a time of celebrating achievement and new beginnings. For such a significant milestone, a gift of fine jewelry will be a lasting reminder of a grad’s accomplishment. If you have a loved one graduating this year, here are a few graduation jewelry gift ideas for the class of 2014.


Dragon-Themed Jewelry for Dragon Boat Races

In honor of the Dragon Boat Festival, why not consider wearing dragon-themed jewelry? A striking choice to complement your outfit, it could add a splash of color to your attire as you stroll the river banks and enjoy your traditional sticky rice dumplings and wine.


Bejeweled Buildings

Glittering around the world are a handful of buildings decorated with gems.

Sparkling like stars in the night sky, these architectural marvels are ornamented with mother of pearl, abalone shell, amethyst, lapis lazuli, red agate, and more . Such stones are often reserved for jewelry, so to see hundreds of them in one place is an awe-inspiring experience.

Join us, as we take a tour around the world to learn about these bejeweled beauties. We promise they’ll be quite a sight to behold.


The Charming Positives of Negative Space

As you’re enjoying this exquisite necklace, see if you can figure out what makes it so beautiful.


GIA’s Top 10 Jewelry Gifts for Men

Jewelry stores are packed with gifts for mothers around Mother’s Day, but what about fathers? As Father’s Day approaches, GIA has put together this list of the top 10 jewelry gift ideas for men. Some men do not feel comfortable wearing jewelry, but this list shows that any man can find some way to stylishly accessorize his life.

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