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Leaf Motif

Consider the changing beauty of the humble leaf: it is a tender shoot in spring…a lush green canopy in summer…a blaze of reds, yellows, and purples in autumn. Jewelry designers have been captivated by them for centuries, turning Mother Nature’s displays into bejeweled creations.


Topaz Buying Guide

One of November’s birthstones, topaz has the unique ability to show different colors in different crystal directions. Ancient civilizations believed that topaz gave them strength, long life, beauty, and intelligence.


Where the Wild Things Are

There’s something deliciously sinister in the air, and you can find it haunting books, movies, and even luxury jewelry.

What was popular in 2014 tells part of the tale.  Vampire Academy and Lost in Love (another vampire thriller) hit the big screen. Vampire: Most Wanted made The New York Times best-seller list in March, as did the werewolf thriller, Dark Wolf, in January. Disney topped it off by launching the Maleficient collection – a limited collection of jewelry inspired by the villainess in the eponymous movie. Many of the pieces are in blackened metal and feature dragons and snakes.


Jinxed Gems

Everyone loves a good Halloween scare, so we scoured the gemological literature for stories about cursed gemstones. Here are a few tales we dug up about these bone-chilling beauties.


Bewitched by Black Diamonds

With Halloween creeping up on us, black diamonds seem a fitting subject.

Black diamonds, much like brown diamonds, were once outcasts in the diamond world. In the 1928 book, Diamond: A Descriptive Treatise, author J.R. Sutton noted: “Ordinary black diamond is not greatly unlike black sealing wax. Opinions differ as to its virtues as a gemstone.” And until relatively recently, this negative impression still persisted.”

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