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Changing a Diamond’s Color

If you’re thinking of buying a colored diamond, you’ll want to know if its color is natural or is the result of a treatment process.


The Van Pelts and the Art of Gem Photography

Gems & Gemology (G&G), GIA’s award-winning peer-reviewed journal, is celebrating 80 years of publication, 1934-2014. The venerable journal has long been respected for sharing invaluable information with gem and jewelry professionals – and for its breathtaking photography.


Ten Tips for Buying Jewelry

Buying a piece of jewelry is always exciting. But it can be stressful, if you don’t know what to look for. Before you begin shopping, start by reading these 10 tips to help you when you are buying jewelry. We want you to come home relaxed and happy, with a precious keepsake you’ll be proud to wear for a long time.


Opal Buying Guide

October’s birthstone, Opal, displays a unique play-of-color that some say looks like fireworks, lighting, or galaxies trapped inside the stone.  The patterns and colors that result from the stone’s interaction with light make each opal one of a kind.


Captivated by Coral

We’ve been wearing coral jewelry for at least 30,000 years – an impressive testament to its timeless appeal.

Coral comes in an array of colors: white, cream, various shades of red and orange, blue, a light grayish violet called “lavender” in the trade, and a light, vivid pink color sometimes referred to as “angel’s skin”. There is also black and golden coral. Red coral (sometimes called “ox blood” in the trade) has historically been the most expensive. Gem-quality coral has uniform color.

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