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Ammolite – The Fashionable Fossil

If you’re intrigued by the origin of gemstones, then you’re probably going to love ammolite. Ammolite is iridescent fossilized ammonite shells found in Southern Alberta, Canada.


The Phenomenal Properties of Gems

All gemstones are gifts of nature. But what about when certain gems glint or glow with subtle hues that defy description? Different light conditions can turn a dazzling gem into a phenomenal one.


Getting Geometric with Jewelry Design

Jewelry made of simple shapes has been cycling in and out of fashion for centuries, and it’s currently in vogue with designers and fashionistas.


Men’s Jewelry: Alternative Jewelry Metals

Allow us to introduce you to these alternative jewelry metals; ceramic, tungsten carbide, cobalt, titanium, and stainless steel. Collectively, these alternative metals have become a big hit in men’s jewelry, especially men’s wedding bands, as well as other types of jewelry.


Peridot Buying Guide

Known to Egyptians as the “gem of the sun,” the yellowish green peridot has been treasured since the earliest times, and is the birthstone for August. It’s thought that this gemstone is 4.5 billion years old, as it’s found in meteorite remnants dating to the solar system’s birth.

If you’re shopping for August’s birthstone, our Peridot Buying Guide offers tips and advice on what to look for, particularly as it relates to cut, one of the most important factors in a peridot’s appearance. 

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