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2015 Spring Auction Showcase: Historic and Rare Gemstones

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Nobel Jewels auction took place on May 12 in Geneva. This sale featured many spectacular pieces, but two gemstones stood out above the rest ­­– the 8.72 carat Historic Pink Diamond and the 25.59 carat Sunrise Ruby. Both pieces are set in rings that perfectly complement the gemstones.


Gems in a Jurassic World

Jurassic World is about to roar through theaters, and that made us nostalgic for the original movie, Jurrasic Park (1993) – especially the memorable scene where scientists extracted dinosaur blood from a mosquito trapped in amber.


Under the Scope: Unique Diamond Inclusions

Imagine the diamond that is perfect for you. Is it a colorless and flawless round brilliant stunner? Perhaps you’re partial to a Fancy Vivid pink diamond? Or maybe you treasure an heirloom diamond jewelry piece with an old mine cut?

We have compiled a unique list of diamond inclusions that are so interesting and distinctive that they just might cause you to have second thoughts about your dream diamond.


Graduation Gift Guide: How to Select Jewelry for a New Grad

Graduation season is upon us, and many young adults are moving into the next stage of their lives, whether that means going off to college or starting their careers. We may be biased, but we think there’s no better way to celebrate this milestone than with a gift of jewelry – a valued memento that’s both emotional and practical.


Famous Birthstone: Pearl – La Peregrina

Many of us share a timeless attraction to pearls— it’s a deep admiration that extends across cultures and continents. Maybe it’s because pearls are associated with water, a fundamental element of life. Or maybe it’s because this June birthstone comes from a living thing. Natural pearls are highly sought after due to their rarity. For those who prefer cultured pearls, you’re in luck: cultured freshwater and saltwater pearls are widely available, and in so many colors and shapes that there are pearls to suit a variety of tastes.

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