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Hot Gemstones

We’re always on the lookout for trends, and we spotted a fun one. Several gemstones that never had much cachet are now in vogue. These beauties have been showing up on the runway and in fashion magazines.


Bow Jewelry in Timeless Diamond Brooch Designs

Playful, feminine, and classic—bow jewelry never goes out of style even though different styles of bow jewelry have taken the spotlight throughout the decades. While the design and style of bows have evolved over time, the bow appears to be a constant theme in brooches.


Taking Flight with Dragonfly Jewelry

A dragonfly darting through a cloudless sky is a sure sign that summer has arrived. Jewelry designers, long enchanted by this idyllic scene, have made charming creations that celebrate this beautiful creature.


Diamond Color Chart: The Official GIA Color Scale

As you’re shopping for diamonds, a diamond color chart comes in handy if you’re trying to understand the subtle color differences of D-to-Z diamonds. A simple online search for “diamond color chart” delivers a host of different graphics showing the relationship between diamond color and the respective color grade. The one thing nearly all these diamond charts have in common is that they’re derived from one standard – the GIA Color Scale.


Diamonds on Location – Canada

Finding diamonds in Canada was a decades-long treasure hunt filled with twists and turns worthy of a detective novel.

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