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Warding Off the Evil Eye with Jewelry and Gemstones

Scoff at the evil eye? Belief in this ancient curse is still widely held. While we can’t support the idea scientifically, we do love the gems and jewelry thought to offer protection against the malevolent look believed to cause sickness, poverty and even death.

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Moonstone: A Gem to Celebrate the Moon

According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made of moonbeams! And it’s easy to see why so many cultures also associate the gem with moonlight. Read on to learn all about this remarkable gem, including what gives moonstone its other-worldly glow.

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Black Diamonds: What You Need to Know

From cast-asides to starring roles, black diamonds have taken quite a journey. They’re even vying for position as center stones in engagement rings! But it pays to look beyond their unique appearance to learn more about this enigmatic gem.

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A Look at First Lady Nancy Reagan’s Jewelry Collection

Explore Christie’s auction of “The Private Collection of President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan” to learn more about the jewelry and style of Nancy Reagan, one of America’s most well-known first ladies.

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The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Sleek, elegant and beautifully understated, an emerald cut engagement ring is a great choice for someone who’s romantic and sophisticated. If you’re looking for diamond engagement ring inspiration, read on!

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