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How to Select Diamond Side Stones for Engagement Rings

A diamond engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry a woman will wear. Dressing up this symbol of love is something that speaks to the newly engaged and the long-time married alike.


The Art of Enameling: The Techniques

The technique of enameling, or fusing glass in some form onto a metal substrate, is something we encounter every day – found in sinks, stoves, cookware, building cladding, and many other applications.  When used on jewelry, enameling becomes a work of craftsmanship that transforms an object of adornment into something beautiful.


Zodiac-inspired Jewelry: Capricorn

Happy 2015! What better way to ring in the New Year than by celebrating the allure of zodiac-inspired jewelry? Throughout the year, we’ll be taking a closer look at zodiac-inspired jewelry – pieces that spark our imagination because they remind us of the qualities or symbol associated with a specific zodiac sign.  We hope you’ll enjoy our zodiac series, and please don’t be shy about sharing our posts with friends and family!


Jewelry Trend Predictions for 2015

The GIA Social Media Team correctly predicted a number of hot trends in 2014: geometric jewelry, Industrial Chic, long chains, ear cuffs, and more. We’ve asked the team to pull out their crystal balls again and do some trend spotting for 2015.


Famous Birthstones: Garnet – The Antique Pyrope Hairpin

Happy Birthday January! We begin our famous birthstone series with none other than January’s birthstone, garnet. While there are many different species and varieties of garnet that come in many colors, perhaps the most well-known is pyrope garnet. Usually deep red, this gem is featured in the antique pyrope hairpin, a stunning and historic example of pyrope’s beauty, and GIA’s famous birthstone for January babies.

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