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GIA Green Gemstones Buying Guide

Want to spice up your look? Then consider adding green gemstones to your wardrobe. These perennially beautiful gemstones evoke new life, so you’ll look radiant – regardless of the season. Use our guide to find your perfect green gem!

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Colored Diamonds: The Mysterious Chameleon Diamond

Riddle us this: What temporarily changes color when it’s heated or kept in the dark? Is incredibly rare? And exceptionally valuable? If you said a chameleon diamond, you’re right! If you didn’t know the answer, don’t worry: read on to learn more about these mysterious and intriguing colored diamonds.

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Is Diamond Fluorescence Good or Bad?

What is diamond fluorescence? Is it good or bad? Should you buy (or not buy) a diamond because of it? These and other similar questions are often raised as diamond shoppers seek answers in making an informed buying decision.

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May Birthstone: Where Do Emeralds Come From?

Emerald is the perfect May birthstone. Its rich color evokes the springtime green we see all around us. Yet emeralds are far from abundant: they are found in only where geological conditions are just right to produce this coveted green gem. Read on to learn more about this beautiful gem.

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Gift Ideas for Mom: Jewelry Styles for Every Kind of Mom

Is your mom sporty, hip, classic, or into DIY? We found jewelry styles to please every kind of mom under the sun. If you need gift ideas for mom, read on!

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