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The Beauty of Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are extremely rare, exquisitely beautiful, and rich in lore. This special combination has made them coveted by diamond lovers and jewelry connoisseurs.

How rare are blue diamonds? To find that glittering needle in the haystack, tons of ore have to be unearthed. And when a blue diamond is found, you can imagine the excitement it causes.


GIA’s First-Hand Account of JCK Las Vegas 2014

If you love gems and jewelry, look no further than JCK Las Vegas.

JCK Las Vegas is the gem and jewelry industry’s largest trade-only event in the U.S  For four days, more than 2,500 exhibitors descend on Las Vegas, showing their wares to thousands of buyers looking for the next big thing. It’s where trends are born and the next hot designer finds an audience. What’s popular at this show is likely to appear in jewelry display cases come the next holiday gift-buying season. Here are some of GIA’s key takeaways from attending the event.


Ruby Buying Guide

The color of love, anger, passion, fury, vibrant red ruby is July’s birthstone. It makes an ideal romantic gift, not only for those who celebrate July birthdays, but for all women. However, ruby can command the highest per-carat price of any colored gemstone. These stunning red gems are consistently breaking auction records, as demand for ruby continues to rise.


History of Cultured Pearls – Part 1

Before the development of cultured pearls, only natural pearls were available – and their value was astronomical.

“I’m going to have the most expensive dinner in history,” Cleopatra supposedly boasted to Marc Anthony. She then dissolved a large natural pearl in a goblet of wine and drank it. Then there was the Roman general, Vitellius (15 A.D.-69 A.D.), who sold a natural pearl from one of his mother’s earrings to cover the expenses of a military campaign.


Yearning for Yellow Diamonds

If you love yellow diamonds, you’re not alone. Diamond connoisseurs spend millions on these stunning gemstones.

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