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Auction Report: Diamond Jewelry of Fall 2014

Diamonds are arguably the most sought after gemstones on Earth. There is something intrinsically captivating about a diamond – its impression of icy coolness coupled with the heat of fiery flashes of color. Which is why it comes as no surprise that  diamonds continue to draw crowds at seasonal auctions across the globe.

Today, we feature a few of the exceptionally breathtaking pieces sold at the 2014 Fall Auctions.


Celebrating Richard T. Liddicoat – Architect of the GIA International Diamond Grading System™

March 2nd is a special day for us at GIA, jewelry aficionados, and those shopping for diamonds and diamond engagement rings: it’s the birthday of Richard T. Liddicoat (1918 – 2002) – the father of modern gemology, an inspiring teacher to thousands of jewelers, and a leader in the development of the GIA International Diamond Grading System™ and GIA diamond grading reports.


Famous Birthstones: March’s Roosevelt’s Aquamarine

The hero of this month’s installment in GIA’s series on famous birthstones is the bluish-green aquamarine given to former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. The rough weighed a staggering 1.3 kilograms that yielded two gems when cut. The largest, a rectangular step cut stone weighing 1,298 carats, has an interesting political history.


Winter Blue Gemstones

In the midst of the winter season, give a loving look at our favorite blue gemstones and jewelry. From a blue star sapphire to a vivid blue diamond, each of the featured blue gemstones below promises a cool blue hue to take you through the rest of the winter.


Auction Report: Important Jewels of Fall 2014

Gem aficionados will be pleased with the breathtaking jewelry that went to auction in fall 2014. Diamonds and colored stones found their way into the hearts of all, and went home with a few lucky bidders. Have a look at the stunning pieces featured below.

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